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February 23 2018

Tree branch falls on power lines
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says the half of the soupers who aren't posting porn themselves. i'd say more, but i also have a very broad definition of porn..
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huh, looks just like my "list of actors i don't recognize" starter kid. except for Tom Cruise.
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February 22 2018

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no. no limits. we reach for thy sky!
no valley to deep. no mountain do high.
no. no limits. won't give up the fight!
we do what we want, and we do it with pride.
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yeah well, i was hoping to improve the intellectual climate a bit more proactively. like i said, just give a bit more incentive to meet some very basic standards. if we could incentivize all people to do that, half of right-wing and authoritarian ideologies would be dead by june. ;)
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Final boss

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